3 years ago
Movies · 2014
Backcountry's Poster
When I started watching this, I thought the weird guy they ran into was going to be some psycho killer and that is where the action would come from, but it came from a bear who didn’t even come into the movie until like 20 minutes before it ended. The man dude was a horrible actor, the girl was alright. If you’ve never been in the woods or don’t know the basic ways to protect yourself outdoors, then this movie will probably be thrilling to you. If you have been in the woods and know protection against animals, then you’re gonna be saying how dumb the couple in the movie is. It just needed something else to spice it up besides the bear. Once the bear came into the movie, it was a pretty predictable ending. Not sure why it was rated R. The language wasn’t too horrible, minus it being pretty gory when the bear eats him alive.
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