Aside from cinematography and the actual rating, this is my comfort show I have rewatched this so many times. It really really kept all of us waiting each week tee see what happened next, which i found was missing in some other MCU shows. Easily one of the most entertaining things that Marvel has made recently, and its great how they used the actors’ natural talents to make it funnier. Ok i really love how each episode is authentically based on different eras in TV history, and it’s actually so cool how they reference real shows. I think that this is the show that really made Wanda a more important and controversial character, but even if you hate her, its a really good show. I have to say though, it was quite ridiculous what they did with her after this in MoM. The finale of Wandavision could have done more, but Wandavision Wanda is still peak Wanda.
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