Wall-E despite being an animated Disney and Pixar movie, has actually been recognised as one of the best romance films ever made. It has such an interesting premise, following what the film creators believe to be the human race's future. Humans are on a spaceship that sends a probe to Earth to try and find out if life can be sustained there once again after pollution levels have got out of control. The probe, called Eva, then finds Wall-E who has remained on Earth for all these years, and has a plant! The connection between the two robots despite barely saying anything to each other is a real achievement that the film makers managed to do.
    Best momie who show you wat 's gonna really happen wit our planet , thé way we treTh here ...but in a SO CUTE WAY that it is the VERRY FIRST TIME I FALL IN LOVE WIT A ROBOT, . .IN PE! !!
    This may contain spoiler!!