The Shadowless Tower's Poster

The Shadowless Tower

2023 ・ Drama ・ China


2023 · China · Drama
2h 24m
Gu Wentong, a middle-aged food critic, is divorced with a daughter whom he sends to live with his sister. He has lost contact with his father for forty years until he learns from his brother-in-law that his father lives alone in Beidaihe, a coastal town 300 kilometers northeast of Beijing. Still troubled by the incident that broke up his family, Wentong is reluctant to visit his “disgraced” father. Meanwhile, he bonds with his younger work partner, photographer Ouyang Wenhui, who is also a “native” of Beidaihe. They often meet up in the area near the White Pagoda and visit local eateries together. As they come to know more about each other, they develop a sometimes romantic and sometimes father-daughter relationship. Eventually, Wentong finds himself growing to resemble his father. He starts to reconsider his roles in life: as a father, as a son, as a lover. People drift apart, but the White Pagoda remains there, bearing witness to their decisions and regrets.



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