Tokyo Taxi's Poster

Tokyo Taxi

2009 ・ Comedy/Romance ・ Korea/Japan


Tokyo Taxi
2009 · Korea · Comedy
1h 15m
Ryo (Yamada Masasi), the lead singer of an amateur rock band at night, owns a Ramen noodle shop. He cannot fly on airplanes because he has a fear of them. Ironically, he finds himself attracted to a stewardess who comes to eat very often at his shop. One day, an opportunity comes knocking on their doors - they are to perform in Seoul. The performance day approaches, but their dream of performing in Seoul is about to be shattered because of Ryo, who cannot fly on an airplane. As a last resort, Ryo decides to take a taxi in Tokyo and fly to Seoul, leaving behind the charming stewardess who makes his heart flutter.




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