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Taste of Love

2015 ・ Adventure/Romance/Action ・ China


Taste of Love
2015 · China · Adventure
1h 25m · G
500 years ago, three spirits escaped from Heaven, but Wukong (Jayden Yuan) got separated from Zixia (Jill Hsu) and Bukong (Steve Yoo). Now they’ve all taken human form as the latter two head an army to fight the Bull Demon (Lau Wing Kin). It is during one of those battles that Zixia recognizes Wukong, with whom she was in love, as one of the enemy’s surgeons. But when she finally gets a chance to meet him she realizes he has forgotten his own identity. Oblivious to Bukong who loves her unrequitedly, she pursues Wukong with her affection, until Buddha sends Lord Erlangshen (Sammy Hung) to restore order and reclaim the three escaped spirits.





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