Free!: The Final Stroke – Part 1's Poster

Free!: The Final Stroke – Part 1

2021 ・ Sports/Animation ・ Japan
Average ★5.0 (6)


劇場版 Free! the Final Stroke 前編
2021 · Japan · Sports
1h 26m
Haruka Nanase's new stage to take on the world is Sydney – a place he once visited, a place of dreams. One day, while taking a short break before his departure, Haruka coincidentally runs into a swimmer that competed at the All Japan National Championships, andi s burning for a challenge. With the feelings of his friends whom he swam together brimming in his heart, Haruka steps forward into a brand new world. What awaits him is the world champion, Albert Volandel. The swimmers mentally prepare themselves for the competition in Syndey. What will they fell and what will they swim for as they compete for a place at the top of the world? Their intense battle with the water begins here!



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