Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms's Poster

Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms

2006 ・ Fantasy/Action/Animation ・ United States
Average ★5.0 (1)


Hellboy Animated: Sword Of Storms
2006 · United States · Fantasy
1h 13m
A folklore professor becomes unwittingly possessed by the ancient Japanese demons of Thunder and Lightning. But when The Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense dispatches a team of agents to investigate, a cursed samurai sword sends Hellboy to a supernatural dimension of ghosts, monsters, and feudal mayhem. Now while pyrokinetic Liz Sherman and fishboy Abe Sapien battle one very pissed-off dragon, a lost and cranky Hellboy must find his way home.





So far ★ 671,819,966 ratings have made.
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