2022 · Horror · United States, Spain
1h 40m
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When go-go dancer Lucía nicks a fortune in designer drugs from her mafia employers, the mobsters’ dogged pursuit forces her to seek sanctuary with her estranged sister Rocío and niece Alba in “The Venus,” a decrepit apartment complex on the outskirts of Madrid. As terrible, rotten, no-good luck would have it, Lucía soon finds herself sole guardian to little Alba after Rocío suddenly flies the concrete coop, unable to handle the supernatural stress of living in a monolith that is apparently also host to a malignant evil — one that invades its tenants’ waking nightmares. With the mafia’s wrath fast approaching — thanks to their use of occult wayfinder rituals — and strange celestial phenomena heralding an encroaching cosmic threat, Lucía must survive increasingly scary nights in the face of an uncertain and uncanny future.