Such a heartfelt film. Good luck with rest of your life, Carl!
    As previously described by others, this film is a cinematic masterpiece. The feature is able to address the topic of death, loss, and acceptance in a child friendly way. Carl Friedrickson is the main character, and we see his side of the story at first. He grows up, falls in love, and totally dedicated himself to that life. After the death of his wife, we see him regress, as happens with a lots of elders. The world is changing around him and he wants to protect and cling to what he knows after his loss. However, after he meets Russell and begins his adventure to South America, we see Carl start to open up more. He is able to find the human connection he had previously lost and rediscover his sense of childlike wonder. He also finds something to fight for when it’s discovered that his childhood hero is a villain who is overcome with greed. By the end of the film, Carl has once again connected to the world and discovered that family is who you choose, not what you are left with. An adorable film with a hearty message, this movie is an excellent addition to other animated children’s films that show positive role models and is an indication that anyone can grow no matter their age.
    This may contain spoiler!!