Oh! Happy Day's Poster

Oh! Happy Day

2003 ・ Drama/Romantic comedy/Comedy ・ Korea


2003 · Korea · Drama
1h 46m
Hee-Ji (Jang Na-Ra) is a girl who isn't afraid to stand up against injustice. She goes to the Club Med's office after her friend is excluded from a party for single persons. Hee-Ji is about to tell them off when Club Med's director Hyun-Joon (Park Jeong-Cheol) appears in front of her. Hee-Ji falls in love immediately. Hee-Ji then sneaks into the hotel room where Hyun-Joon is staying and takes his diary. She now knows everything about him including his schedule and hobbies. Hyun-Joon is soon annoyed by the persistence of Hee-Ji, but he also begins to have feelings for her. At the moment when his fiance appears, Hee-Ji is about to propose.



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