I’ve probably watched the movie around 3 times since it came out and it never fails to disappoint me. One of my favorite marvel movies. Black Panther was also a hero I didn’t know much about until after this movie came out!! The scenes in the movie were very beautiful too!
    One of the best marvel movies that have been released to date, this is a movie I don’t mind watching on repeat. While I’m not usually a fan of superhero movies, this movie is extremely engaging because it involves social issues that viewers may not have previously seen in marvel movies. The fight between Killmonger and Tchalla is more understandable for those is western countries because there has been a long history of violence and discrimination there which is brought up through out the course of the film. Despite the villains motivations, the action scenes of the movie are engaging as well, and incorporate a sci-fi element to an area that is typically viewed as underdeveloped. First mentioned in the Avengers, this movie is able to go more into depth about the enthralling Black Panther, his motivations, and how Waianae influences the rest of the universe it is set in. The end of the movie sees the death of Killmonger, but as he is dying Tchalla still treats him as a human and realizes that isolating his country only leads to the suffering of those who cannot reach it. While opening up to the world is dangerous, it is his duty as a King to care for his people and engage in diplomatic relations. An excellent movie for action, plot, and the development of the Black Panthers character.
    This may contain spoiler!!