Apocalypse Now is complete madness and insanity. The complete madness and insanity is what compels viewers to fall in love with the movie. The movie is, I believe, one of the best depictions of the Vietnam war, with amazing performances from actor best known for his role in The Godfather franchise, Marlon Brando. The movie produced a fresh and new view on the art of film making and story telling with a powerful punch. Fantasy and reality are infused in the darkness of the war movie. To have a film so bloody, unapologetic and astounding at this time was a brave move by director Coppola. A must watch but not for the weak hearted.
    Review for Apocalypse Now 1979 FINAL CUT This is power, the power of cinema.  The vision of Coppola, to create something of this big, this powerful and electrifying in 1979. Everything from the visuals, the narration, dialogue, performances, sound, editing is a trillion miles ahead of its time.  I believe this is the ground zero for many movies that were created after this masterpiece.  I wonder what emotions Coppola, Duvall and the crew went through while making this movie.  I will never forget Brando's words in this movie, his dialogue and many other scenes are gonna stay with me for a very very long time.  A psychedelic death trip through the jungles of Vietnam, searching for the master.