アララト 誰でもない恋人たちの風景 vol.3
2021 · Romance/Drama · Japan
2h 00m
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The third installment in the "Landscape of lovers who are not anyone" series directed by Michio Koshikawa, which depicts men and women passing each other and attracting each other. Sugi-chan, Saki's husband and painter, collapsed a few years ago and her left half of her body was stuck, and she is no longer painting at all. One day, Sugi-chan said she wanted to draw Saki's nude. While supporting her working life at her late-night family restaurant, Sugi-chan was delighted that she wanted Sugi-chan to draw again, but she couldn't live without relying on Sugi-chan. I was feeling annoyed. The bodies and minds of two people passing each other. On the day when a big crack was born between the two, Saki is connected with his family colleague Yukio. Aika Yukihira and Sugi-chan, who play the role of Saki in "Be My Slave, Chapter 2 Please Call Me Your Master," act as an actor on the stage while having paralysis on her left side. Tadatoshi Ogita plays each.