Pirates of The Caribbean is a well loved series that became a hit mostly unexpectedly. The movie is surprisingly well done for a movie based on a ride, however the rest of the series isn’t particularly good. This film is another action film that focuses on pirates, and utilizes the early 2000s focus on an interesting but unreliable action hero. The main lead Jack Sparrow is a performance never seen in a pirates film. It is too bad that he was ruined in later sequels. The main protagonist William Turner is the relatable, naive, bold hero, who has a full character arc in the film that is very intriguing. Bloom displays the character's youthfulness, and his courage to an extraordinary level. Elizabeth Swan is a strong woman who is able to keep her own when surrounded by pirates. Her and Will Turner have great chemistry. The cast plays their roles perfectly and the special effects are amazing for 2003. POTC Curse of The Black Pearl is likely the best film in the franchise, you won’t even need to see the others.
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