Love Stories From Fukuoka 15: The Undying Fireworks of Love's Poster

Love Stories From Fukuoka 15: The Undying Fireworks of Love

2020 ・ KBC ・ Romance/Drama/TV Drama


2020 · KBC · Romance/Drama/TV Drama
In "Mienai Koi no Hanabi," Kana Kojima is a 27-year-old dental assistant living in Tokyo. A depressed girl who has delusions while denying her fateful encounter. One summer day, Kana visits Fukuoka for work and meets a tall, handsome, medical consultant, Hiroki Watanabe, who she becomes interested in on their first encounter. Kana spends the night on a drive around the city in Hiroki's car. Escorted by a man from Fukuoka, Hiroki, Kana has an emotion she has never experienced. "I wish the night didn't end ..." After the end of the night, they never met again. The only thing they did was exchange one email the next day. However, her thoughts for Hiroki did not go away. Two years later, summer comes back to Fukuoka. On the night of the Ohori Fireworks Festival, Kana decides to meet Hiroki. Does the love between Tokyo and Fukuoka have no beginning or future?




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