Ooku Season 1

2023 · NHK · Periodic Drama/Romance/Drama/TV Series

The drama is an adaptation of the popular manga by Yoshinaga Fumi, with the screenwriting done by Morishita Yoshiko. It tells the story of a parallel world in the Edo period where the roles of men and women are reversed. In the era of Tokugawa Ietsuna, a smallpox epidemic leads to a drastic decrease in the male population, causing profound societal changes. After the third shogun, Ietsuna, women take over the position of shogunate, and the Ooku, serving as proof of the shogunate's prestige, gathers "three thousand beautiful men." The original manga has previously been adapted into films and TV dramas, but this is the first live-action production that covers the entire story, starting from the era of the third shogun, Ietsuna, and concluding with the restoration of political power known as the "Daigoro Hōkan."