Revice Legacy: Kamen Rider Vail

2022 ・ TTFC ・ Action/TV Drama


リバイスレガシー 仮面ライダーベイル
2022 · TTFC · Action/TV Drama
About 25 years ago ─── The story before the birth of Igarashi brothers and sisters. A dying and seriously injured man was brought to the scientific research organization Noah. The man ── Junpei Shiranami was transplanted with Giff's cells into the heart by Masumi Karizaki and survived. He is then forced to become the strongest demon hunter and given a bail driver. Junpei, whose parents were killed by the red devil, becomes a Kamen Rider Vail with his revenge in mind and continues to fight the devil.



So far ★ 677,176,429 ratings have made.
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