Watashi to iu Unmei ni Tsuite 's Poster

Watashi to iu Unmei ni Tsuite

2014 ・ WOWOW ・ TV Drama


2014 · WOWOW · TV Drama
In 1993, the economy is in the doldrums. Fuyuki Aki works in a big electronics manufacturer as the first female in its main career track. But unlike the male employees, she is not even allowed to test her ability and feels frustrated by her current situation. Meanwhile, Aki learns that her colleague and ex-boyfriend Sato Yasushi is marrying Otsubo Arisa, a junior who works in an administrative position, and she feels unsettled. Aki is favoured by Yasushi’s mother Sachiko, but she tells her that they broke up two years ago. She feels a void for not being able to spread her own wings in the male-dominated world, along with an anger at the male species. So she could not accept the feelings of the straightforward Yasushi. On the morning of the wedding ceremony, Aki receives a letter from Sachiko...



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