When I Woke Up, I Became a Bagel Girl!

어느날 잠에서 깨어보니 베이글녀가 되어 있었다
2019 · Tooniverse · Animation
This is the profile of our main character (Jeong Bong-gi) who collects the Anime girls figure as a hobby, plays games when he comes home after a part-time job, and complaints (which can’t in front of others). One day he fell asleep after a normal routine. And then Next morning, suddenly he wakes up as a Bagel girl (woman with baby face and glamorous body)! He was embarrassed by the sudden change for a moment, he meets a cute and cheerful girl(Han se-mi) in an online chatroom and gets help. The days meeting many people, avenging himself on those who had ignored him and getting more used to being a woman. At that time, he meets Han Sang-woo, who once thought he was a friend, but destroyed his life.