Dream Team

2021 · NHK · Drama/TV Series
The former female members of a high school basketball club have gathered for a party in memory of their basketball coach Ando Katsuhito. 39-year-old Enoki Kana, 53-year-old Tsuruga Yuko and 27-year-old Mishiro Akane are noticeably unhappy. Each of them has just suffered an unforeseen incident, prompting them to say with a touch of self-derision that their prime was during high school. Kana’s image as the “perfect stay-at-home wife” has shattered with the exposé on her husband’s affair. Yuko has not only suddenly fallen from the fast track at her company due to allegations of sexual and power harassment, but also discovered that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Akane has been acting as a girl who has it all on social media but become the target of a huge backlash. While the three women belong to different generations and have different personalities, the one thing that they have in common is that they are former captains of the same basketball club.