Tokyo Danshi Zukan Season 1's Poster

Tokyo Danshi Zukan Season 1

2020 ・ KTV ・ Drama/Romance/TV Drama


2020 · KTV · Drama/Romance/TV Drama
This story tells the tale of a boy's life in Tokyo for 20 years. Shota attended a famous private university in Tokyo. After he learned that his girlfriend was cheating on him with rich older men, he said "Woman only care about money after all", and swore to raise his status in Tokyo. After graduating, Shota found a job at a leading trading company and lived a life with no shortage of money and love. However, his values ​​gradually change throughout his fight for success with his co-worker Kojima and his relationship with Minami, who wants to marry a man with an annual income of more than 30 million. It wasn't until Shota reunited with his classmate, Kazuma, a CEO of a venture company, and his subordinate, Ruriko, that he starts to find new meaning to his life...



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