One Night Morning

2022 · WOWOW · Drama/Romance/TV Series
Relationships take on many forms. Some can be fleeting, delicate things that only last a moment, while others are sure and steady and can last a lifetime. More often than not, relationships fall somewhere in between, but whatever the relationship, each one is as unique as the people in them. Take the eight different couples in this story, for example. While each of them ends up sharing a night, how that night looks and what comes the morning after is entirely different. For the man reunited with his former high school classmate, the feelings he has harbored all these years give their time together a very specific meaning. Meanwhile, an evening shared by two individuals who regularly hook up for sex takes on an entirely different one. No matter what their dynamic may be, each couple in this series has this in common: they each share a meal the morning after. The question is, where do things go between them, once they’ve finished their breakfast?