His - I Didn't Think I Would Fall In Love 's Poster

His - I Didn't Think I Would Fall In Love

2019 ・ NBN ・ Drama/TV Drama


his ~恋するつもりなんてなかった~
2019 · NBN · Drama/TV Drama
Nagisa is 17 years old and attends 2nd grade in high school. He is apart from his parents and lives alone in the seaside town of Fujisawa in Kanagawa. He is passionate about surfing and works at a bathhouse in a hostel on the island Enoshima linked to Fujisawa. Shun is the same age as Nagisa and visits Fujisawa for spring break. They meet and develop a relationship more than friendship. However, the surfing equipment store owner’s daughter Chika has been secretly in love with Nagisa.



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