Kakenai!? Season 1's Poster

Kakenai!? Season 1

2021 ・ TV Asahi ・ Comedy/Drama/TV Drama


書けないッ!?〜脚本家 吉丸圭佑の筋書きのない生活〜
2021 · TV Asahi · Comedy/Drama/TV Drama
Yoshimaru Keisuke is a screenwriter, but instead of working, he is responsible for all household chores. On the other hand, Keisuke's wife, Nami, is a popular novel writer under the name "Kosaka Ririko". Nami is the breadwinner with outstanding fame and income. Keisuke is somehow satisfied with his current life, but one day the main writer of a prime time drama suddenly dropped out and Keisuke was given the opportunity to write again. Although Keisuke started writing with full of expectations, he begin to be swayed by various problems.



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