Heartbreak on a Plate Season 1's Poster

Heartbreak on a Plate Season 1

2022 ・ ytv ・ Drama/Romance


2022 · ytv · Drama/Romance
Sometime, the only thing that helps people get over a breakup is the taste of their favorite dish... Set in real restaurants in Tokyo, the taste of the food gently embraces the women’s souls and kindly heals their broken hearts. The main character, Miki (Alice Hirose), is a manga artist. She publishes her work, Heartbreak on a Plate, in a free magazine. Each episode presents the stories of the broken hearts who come to the restaurant, and through the food, we are introduced to their “heartbreak on a plate” experiences. Sometimes comical, sometimes human, the series portrays people who are trying to move forward even after heartbreak. Throughout a total of 10 episodes, the relationship between Miki and a man from the flower shop (Kai Inowaki) gradually evolves into something more.





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