Highheels - a fairy tale born of obsession's Poster

Highheels - a fairy tale born of obsession

2016 ・ Fantasy/Drama/Short ・ Japan
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2016 · Japan · Fantasy
In a distant future, humans make the switch to android life. They abolish 'flaws' such as complicated human needs and traits such as the ability to possess and express emotion. However, a system glitch causes 'desire' to resurface in some, including Kai (Rinko Kikuchi; Pacific Rim, Babel), an android shoe-maker. Kai begins to feel an obsession with her craft, like what human beings used to have. One day, an android customer orders Kai to create a special pair of heels. Shut in the atelier, Kai remakes the shoes over and over again until it's perfect. When the customer returns, Kai finds out that one shoe doesn't quite fit. But just as Kai promised to put more work into the pair of shoes, another customer comes to demand her own special pair too.



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