Original Title
    Engie Benjy
    Engie Benjy is a pre-school children's television show, broadcast on ITV's children's strand, CITV. Engie Benjy is a blue haired boy, a mechanic who helps fix problems with his friends' vehicles. His dog is Jollop. Other characters include Pilot Pete and Astronaut Al. The vehicles included in the show are a van, a bus, a bike, a plane, a boat, a tractor and a spaceship. Engie Benjy has a few catch phrases: "whadda-we-do-Dan?", "This is an emergency!" and "Great work team!" Engie also has a song he sings when solving a problem: "There's a problem here without a doubt, let's look around and check it out... Spin the screws, hear the hum, check the temperature.." before Jenny joins in singing "Make a mess, break stuff, whack the dummy with a bat...." The main character voices are provided by television double act, Ant and Dec. In the first series Dec voiced the title role of Engie Benjy while Ant voiced his dog, Jollop. In the third series another character was added for Ant to voice called Trucker Troy, Engie Benjy's cousin, whilst Brianna Gentilella, the duo's American rival, voices Jenny, the assistant of Benjy. Many of the other characters are voiced by the entertainer Les Dennis.