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2020 ・ Drama ・ Japan


2020 · Japan · Drama
1h 35m
In Tokyo, lonely patrons pay to sleep (“soine”) with someone. Massage, cuddle, sleep…for comfort and nothing more than the warm embrace of another. Tasuku, a young man fresh out of a relationship, starts a new job as one of the cuddlers. He’s nervous and reticent, but soon finds himself with a procession of clients, male as well as female. In his unique position as their companion, he finds himself privy to the true selves they keep closeted. Tender performance and contemplative writing elevate an exploration of the human need for comfort and tenderness, while learning to be true to oneself.



박인환x송강 사제듀오 케미

왕댕댕이 선생 vs 인생사 만렙 제자

tvN 월화드라마 · AD



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