Winds From Zero's Poster

Winds From Zero

2007 ・ Drama ・ Japan


2007 · Japan · Drama
1h 51m
On April 9, 2000, Suzuki Kyoko receives a phone call from the police. She learns that her 19-year-old son and his friend were killed by a drunk driver while walking along a bridge in Zama. Suzuki Kyoko lost her husband to cancer five years earlier and her world crashes down. The drunk driver was given the maximum sentence at the time 5 1/2 years. Suzuki Kyoko then spearheads a movement to increase the penalty for reckless driving. She also enrolls at Waseda University where her son died just a week after his entrance ceremony. Suzuki Kyoko also starts an exhibit to honor the victims of reckless driving.



국경 초월 스릴러, ⟨코요테⟩ 예고편

브레이킹 배드 제작진의 새로운 시리즈, ⟨코요테⟩ 왓챠 독점 공개!


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