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After School

2008 ใƒป Mystery/Comedy/Thriller ใƒป Japan
Average โ˜…3.2 (43)


2008 ยท Japan ยท Mystery
1h 42m
A heady brain teaser of a film with unexpected twists and turns, After School reels the audience in with wry humor, quirky characters, and a puzzling mystery. Character actors Oizumi Yo (Gegege no Kitaro), Sasaki Kuranosuke (Bokutachi to Chuzai-san no 700 Nichi Sensou), and Sakai Masato (The Wall Man) headline this laidback yet cerebral caper comedy, along with an always welcome appearance from beauty Tokiwa Takako (20th Century Boys). Seedy private eye Kitazawa (Sasaki Kuranosuke) shows up at gym teacher Jinno's (Oizumi Yo) school with a picture of Kimura (Sakai Masato), Jinno's longtime buddy who has gone missing. Reluctantly joining the puzzling manhunt of myriad twists and turns, Jinno realizes that he doesn't know his friend as well as he thought after some strange brushes with Kimura's boss, a yakuza boss, and a club hostess.



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Avg โ˜…3.2

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