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The Pierrot Prays to the Moon

2013 ・ TBS ・ Romance/TV Drama
Average ★3.5 (38)


2013 · TBS · Romance/TV Drama
Shizuru Tamai (Takako Tokiwa) lives in a small mountain town in rural Japan with her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother is partially unable to move, and Shizuru has to care for her with her mother, who tries to keep Shizuru shackled at every opportunity. Shizuru’s days are filled with endless monotony. She works as a receptionist at her former classmate’s hospital, and one day goes to buy picture books for the waiting room. It’s then that she recalls a book from her childhood ‘The Pierrot Prays to the Moon’. Wanting to read the book again, Shizuru finds it on an online auction site. Once it finally arrives and she begins to read it, a small slip of paper gently falls from its pages. On the paper are what appear to be instructions for a recipe. The recipe prompts Shizuru to contact Tobuse (Shosuke Tanihara), the man who sent her the book.



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국경 초월 스릴러, ⟨코요테⟩ 예고편

브레이킹 배드 제작진의 새로운 시리즈, ⟨코요테⟩ 왓챠 독점 공개!




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